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Eyelash Extension Care

All that Glitters is GOLD… Adhesive

It’s Fall, Thanksgiving is around the corner and we’re celebrating all things sparkly, delicious and GOLD. In honor of the season we thought we’d give you some in-depth detail about our favorite adhesive- The Gold Adhesive.   About The Gold Adhesive: Bella’s Gold Adhesive contains the same ingredient deck as our popular Platinum+ Adhesive. It …

How to Sell Eyelash Extension Aftercare;
Eyelash Extension Care

How to Sell Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Aftercare, aftercare, aftercare. You are probably tired of hearing us drill on aftercare. But, aftercare is such an important part of the eyelash extension process, that we decided to create top-of-the-line products. We created these products with the end user and the eyelash extensions technician in mind. If you decide to market and sell aftercare, …

Eyelash Extension Care Marketing & Business

Keep Adhesive Working Through Summer

It’s the middle of summer and while you may be loving this heat wave, your extension adhesive probably isn’t! High temperatures and high (or sometimes low) humidity can change how your adhesive functions. Here’s some of our tips and tricks to keep your adhesive fresh and working hard! Temperature and Humidity Control The best temperature …